Wedding Gown Preservation

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We know the uniqueness and magic that each wedding dress holds for each of you. That is why we think it is so important and special to make a keepsake of your gown. We partner with a third-party company that preserves your gown after the wedding day. They will spot clean, press, and provide a treatment to your gown to ensure that it does not oxidize over the years.

For all brides that purchased their gown with us, they will receive a preservation gift certificate to preserve their gown at a discounted price.


Our wedding gown preservation service is here to help you celebrate your big day for years and decades with the dress that made it all happen. Contact us for more information!







How it works

Our gown preservation company takes great care to ensure your dress is preserved in excellent condition. We send your dress to a company that specializes in preserving gowns and has years of experience working with the finest quality fabrics. It can take 12 - 16 weeks for them to complete a preservation. You are welcome include any veils or belts but please remember the adorable custom hangers won't make it through the preservation process.

First they clean the gown. So if you had a great time at your wedding and got your dress good and dirty like you should, they can get the stains out. Grass, mud, and wine are no problem. Like I said, around here a dirty dress is the sign of a good time, so please don’t hesitate to bring it in.


They then treat the gown to help prevent the fabric from yellowing and deteriorating over time and box it up in an airtight window box with archival quality paper. The gown is then shipped back to you and ready to be stored in a closet or under a bed. And when you are feeling wistful about your wedding, which will probably be all the time, you can pull it out and look at your beautiful gown and think of all the wonderful memories.


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