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Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection is a full-service salon, specializing in the selection and sale of wedding dresses. With an extensive collection available for every bride at any price range; our staff will make sure that you find your dream dress on time! Conveniently accessible by Washington DC, Baltimore or Northern Virginia. Our dedicated staff will work with your budget and needs to ensure that not only are we able to provide quality service but also offer up some really stunning options! Our diverse collection features bridal gowns in all sizes, accessories, and veils. 



Our History 


Betsy Robinson never had formal training but she instinctively knew how to sew. As a child, the opportunity for creativity came with making clothes for one's dolls and playing "wedding" during summer months! By 14 her skills had advanced to sewing full sized clothing, her initiative rewarded with an intimate understanding of fabrics—what makes a solid construction, and an appreciation of the details.


Robinson's success is due to her ability to adapt and stay ahead of the various bridal trends. She has sourced both intriguing fashion forward gowns, as well high quality classics without losing that wholesomeness which made Pikesville such a destination not just locally, but across the entire mid-Atlantic region. With 4 decades of helping brides find the perfect dress, Betsy’s leadership and initiative has inspired a strong and thorough team.


“I’m truly blessed with a wonderful team that individually and collectively understands what it takes to provide wonderful customer service and goes out and does it every day.”


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