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Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection

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Jan 25

Enzoani Trunk Show

01/25/2019 to 01/27/2019

Feb 08

Eve of Milady Bridal Trunk Show

02/08/2019 to 02/10/2019

Feb 15

The Love Sale

02/15/2019 to 02/17/2019

Visit the salon voted #1 in the Mid-Atlantic Region of Brides’ Magazine after a survey of Brides, Manufacturers, Designers!

Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection is a full-service bridal salon, featuring an extensive collection of gowns to suit every price range. Our staff of professional consultants are all dedicated to your satisfaction. Robinson's salon is conveniently accessible to Washington DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia. Appointments are recommended.


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Three Ways to Make the Holidays Special Now that You’re Engaged

Posted on Dec 6 by

The goal around here is to get brides prepared for their wedding day. Everything we do is by wedding date. We think about our brides’ wedding dates all the time. We run timelines over in our heads as we fall asleep instead of counting sheep.   Has she ordered her bridesmaid’s dresses yet? What’s the current ship date from Toni Federici veils? When’s the last day for her to order her Thomas Knoell earrings and still get them on time?   It’s pretty easy to get caught up in zeroing in on that one day. It’s our job here, but if you’re engaged this holiday season, take a moment to step back. Even wedding planning, with its clearly defined destination, is still a journey.   So is being engaged. It’s an important step, not just a means to an end. Being engaged also informs other aspects of your life. It makes them better, right? So if you’re celebrating this holiday season engaged, go all out, savor the moment, and make it extra special. Here’s how.   Send Holiday Cards...


What to Love about Winter Weddings!

Posted on Nov 29 by

I love winter weddings! That’s probably because I love winter. There’s the smell of snow in the air. I love twinkling lights, and cups of hot cocoa, and I love having different warm coats for different occasions.     I also love weddings that have a built-in theme. Generally, I don’t think that there are rules in weddings or that you should let a season or place dictate what you do, but winter weddings give you an easy backdrop. You can capitalize on both the cold and the good cheer, and you can have a lot of fun doing it.   So while May through October may be deemed the Wedding Season, let’s take a look at some of the things that make winter weddings special.   Velvet It’s hard to get away with velvet any other time of year, so I love to see winter weddings that embrace this lush fabric. I love velvet bows hanging from the banister of a grand hall. It looks lovely wrapped around the floral arrangements. I love guests arriving in velvet gowns...


Trending Now: Evergreen Bridesmaid Dresses

Posted on Nov 8 by

Working in the bridesmaid department has given me a lot of insight into bridal trends. I get to see how they start, how they grow, and how they get replaced by something new. I also get to witness how brides and designers are not always in sync. Sometimes designers have to react quickly to keep up with the changing tastes of brides, and sometimes brides have to adapt to what designers create.   The most recent example of this is the color evergreen. It’s a nice lush, deep green that looks good on any bridesmaid and in any season, and it’s a color that we’ve been waiting a while for.   Almost a year ago I noticed an increase in brides looking for a good, deep green. They called it emerald, hunter, and pine, but a rose by any other name. None of our bridesmaid designers had it. There was a wealth of pastel sage shades to choose from, but nothing with the richness and depth these brides wanted.   In our feedback to designers we mentioned that a...

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