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Navigating the bridal world at the moment is nothing if not confusing, and more than a little stressful. Months ago it was simply 2020 brides who were feeling the pressure, but as the pandemic continues, even brides who haven’t been forced to postpone and reschedule, are still coming up against roadblocks.


It’s to be expected. Again, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, and most of us find our lives are very different than they were at the beginning of the year. Brides who are just starting to plan their wedding and shop for their wedding dresses might find the experience is not what they had imagined.


I understand completely. We understand completely.


And that’s why we’re here to help. Yes, some things are different, but the most important things remain the same.


An Incredible Collection of Wedding Dresses


Brides may have to shop with a smaller crew this year, but our selection of wedding dresses to shop remains unparalleled. There are literally hundreds of gowns to choose from, and brides have free reign to look at each and every one of them (not that we necessarily recommend that). We don’t restrict brides, and we allow them time to browse the store at their own pace.



Here to Guide, Not Pressure


Shopping for your wedding dress can be an overwhelming experience, and it’s our job to help make it easy and fun. So we spend a lot of time listening and watching. Our consultants let brides choose dresses and then they analyze the results. They’re like super stylish little computers running around constantly calculating bridal data. They take feedback on each dress and help make recommendations until they land on a, “Yes!”


Our consultants have a great handle on our inventory and while they love to assist brides in their search, they also understand the delicate balance at work. They know when to give brides a little space to ponder. They know when to jump in, and when to sit back.


The goal for everyone involved is for brides to find the dress they love and the dress they want to get married in. It’s a beautiful goal, and we take it really seriously.


An Insta-Worthy Experience


From the moment brides step into our salon, we want them to feel welcomed and royal. This is a momentous shopping experience, even if it’s taking place on a smaller scale. We still want to get everyone involved, and we’ve been utilizing lots of face-time calls to make a small party feel like a big one.


The happy energy remains the same, and our consultants are a big part of that. Each bride is special, and each appointment is important. So when a bride finally finds the right dress and says the magic word, the experience is in fact, just as magical as before.


There’s still cheers and a little applause, and the chance to hold our little gold sign announcing that you are, indeed, a Betsy Bride!


We really feel like we offer our brides an incredible experience all around, from start to finish, and we can’t wait for the chance to show you that. Just give us a call at 410.484.4600 or click here to get started!