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In my years here, I’ve written a lot about our bridal sample sale. I’ve listed the many pros of buying an affordable gown off the rack and getting a really good deal for a designer gown. I’ve written at length about these things, but there is a key part that I often gloss over. It’s an aspect of our sample sale that deserves more attention.


I’m talking about the sizes. Look, when I bought my wedding dress I never, ever, at all the shops that I looked at, once looked at the sale rack. I associated bridal bargains with smaller sizes. I’m sure a lot of you do too.


It’s quite often the case, but our bridal sample sale actually includes plus size bridal gowns. As it should, right? We want every bride to have the opportunity to try on gowns that fit and make them feel good. We also want everyone to have the chance to hunt for a bargain.


Real talk, most of our samples, are in 8’s, 10’s and 12’s, but if you’re a plus size bride, don’t despair. We have gowns for you to try on. These gowns range in size from 16 to 28 and they are gorgeous. Just look at some of the examples of our sale gowns.



Looking at these photos you are probably struck by two things: the gowns are beautiful, and the models look like average sized women.


That’s bridal for you. Bridal runs small.


If we’re still talking real talk, then it’s important to know that bridal runs small, and plus size is a label that applies to a lot of brides.


That’s why having a range and a variety of plus size wedding gowns is so important. Between our sample sale and our special order bridal gowns, we have gowns to make every bride feel like a bride.


So if you’re in the Baltimore or D.C. area and you’re looking for a bridal salon near you that has a wide range of sizes, Betsy’s is a place worth checking out.