Posted by on Mar 13, 2020 in Blog

We have about 700 bridesmaid dresses in our salon and for the longest time they were almost all chiffon. Crinkle chiffon. Lux chiffon. Silk chiffon. Would you like some chiffon with your chiffon? Sure thing!

But chiffon isn’t for everyone and our bridesmaid designers have started introducing more variety of fabrics into their collections. Satin is making a bit of a comeback and velvet is also sashaying its way onto the dance floor. Brides have even more choices than before to make sure that their squad looks amazing.

One option that’s really gaining a lot of popularity, both with brides and designers. Is crepe. Yep, it’s a material that’s spelled just like the dessert, and it’s just as luscious and luxurious as its pancake-y partner.

Of course, crepe is a big jump from the flowy chiffon gowns that come in a million colors, and you might not know if its right for your bridal party. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of hopping on the crepe train.

You Want a Little Va Va Voom

Crepe dresses have some stretch and as a result you’ll find them in primarily form-fitting styles. These are dresses that hug the hips. They drip off the shoulders and plunge down the neckline. Crepe dresses are sexy. They look a little less bridesmaid and a little more evening gown.

We carry crepe gowns from Watters, Amsale and Bill Levkoff, and each designer features styles that are as fashion-forward as they are timeless. I love all the clean lines and asymmetrical cuts.

And when it comes to va va voom, you can’t beat showing off a little leg. Just about every crepe dress we carry has a slit that’s perfect for when it’s time to strike a pose.

You Fancy

Chiffon and satin and silk are all great fabrics and there’s no rule about what materials make a black tie wedding black tie, but crepe just has a little elegant oomph to it. It has weight to it without being heavy and it has just a little bit of luster that catches the light. It looks more expensive than it is, and it says sophistication in a really understated way.

If the aisle of your venue is really a red carpet, then these crepe dresses are perfect for your wedding. Your bridesmaids can strut their stuff on and off the dance floor, and (dare I say it?) they just may be able to re-wear them to another event.

Your Color Palette is Traditional

The colors that fabrics come in are something that I think about all the time. Working in the bridesmaid department I practically go to sleep reciting color swatches in my head. I know that color availability is a big deal, and if crepe has a downside, it’s that it tends to come in limited colors.

There are exceptions, but most of the designers we carry offer crepe in shades like black, navy, plum, burgundy and blush. That can make it a hard fabric if you’re looking for something bolder, brighter, or pastel.

Your Girls Aren’t Self-Conscious

That’s impossible, right? We’re all self-conscious about something about ourselves and trying on bridesmaid dresses seems to really bring it out. What I mean is that Crepe dresses can be a little clingy and they often have clean fronts with no ruching or camouflaging. They have a tendency to show us our flaws, even if no one else sees them.

To combat this, it’s nice to give your girls a choice of style. Although most crepe bridesmaid dresses are form-fitting, they aren’t all that way. You’ll still find some nice classic a-lines with flowy bottoms or some strategic ruching that can give people a little piece of mind. That way all your bridesmaids can feel sexy, fancy and confident.

If these gorgeous gowns seem up your alley then it’s time to send out that group text and schedule an appointment to try them on!