Posted by on Oct 6, 2016 in Blog

New York Bridal Market starts this weekend and it’s kind of a big deal. If you don’t spend your hours researching current bridal trends or if you don’t make your living in bridal, then you might not know much of anything about it. But you’ve heard of New York Fashion Week, right? Well swap the avant-garde street-wear for a bridal gown and you’ve got Bridal Market.




It’s most exciting because it’s where designers unveil their newest collections. It’s the place where we start to see new trends emerge, and it’s the event that influences what styles will be available in salons across the country. Betsy and a few members of our staff will be on their way to New York early tomorrow morning to peruse these new styles, and they’ll be sharing a lot of sneak peeks with all of you. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook and let us know what you think of the latest designs. Will we see more color again this year? More lace? New fabrics? Have you been looking for the perfect gown, and it just doesn’t seem to exist? Maybe you’ll spot it amongst our peeks.


And Bridal Market isn’t just about bridal gowns. It’s also the place where the newest bridesmaid gowns and accessories will be showcased. Over the past few years we’ve seen bridesmaid dresses add more and more sequin and sparkle. What will be the trend this year? What will be the color everyone is clamoring for? We’ll have to wait and see.


Before social media Bridal Market was a much more under-wraps event, and most brides weren’t aware of new trends until they went into production several months later. That’s all changed now, and images of the new gowns strutting down the runway are available instantly to anyone who is eager. That of course doesn’t mean the gowns are available instantly, but it does typically mean that social media is the first and only place these gowns will be visible. We are happy to have the opportunity to share the newest trends with you, and we hope you’ll follow along.