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Last week we spent some time looking at a few of our new bridal stock bridal gowns, and this week I wanted to focus some of that attention of the new year on what is new in bridesmaids.


I spend a lot of time of in the bridesmaid department, and I’m really excited for what 2019 is going to bring to bridal parties everywhere. I’ve just finished spending some serious time checking in a whole bunch of Spring 2019 bridesmaid dresses, and there are three big things to look forward to.


Better Colors

The number one concern that brides have when they find a bridesmaid dress they like is what colors it comes in. Sometimes this can be a tricky question. Some specialty fabrics like crepe often come in matching specialty colors. Sometimes the designers run behind on the trendiest colors. And then of course sometimes everyone’s version of say, Blush, is vastly different.


That makes color options extremely important. The more options the better, and this year, designers seem to be taking note. Sorella Vita introduced a beautiful pale blush color called Rosewater as well a subdued coral called Desert Rose and a killer slate called Bluestone. Watters and WToo also expanded their palettes to include more greens like Sage and Evergreen.



It’s now easier than ever to find a dress you love in a color you love, and that’s definitely worth getting excited over.


Sleeker Designs

Designers of bridesmaid dresses face some unique challenges. Hardest of all is the task to create a bridesmaid dress that simultaneously is one and isn’t one. Many brides don’t want a bridesmaid dress that looks like a bridesmaid dress. Striking this balance can be hard, but 2019 is clearly the year of the un-bridesmaid dress.




Take this stunning one-shoulder crepe gown from Watters. This gown is sleek, sophisticated, and it’s sure to make your bridesmaids feel like royalty. It has the air of an evening gown, with the convenience of a bridesmaid dress. That means you can get it in a range of colors and sizes and not be limited by department and boutique store racks.


Prices for Every Pocket

Being a bridesmaid is notoriously expensive. With week long parties, showers, endless brunches, and the need for the perfect pair of heels, it can cost a pretty penny.


Designers like Bill Levkoff seem to understand these financial demands pretty well, and they have responded by creating lines of more affordable dresses. Now, if you’re looking for a bridesmaid gown under $200 you don’t have to sacrifice style or choice.


On the flip side of this, designers like Watters are also providing more high-end options that are suitable for more formal affairs. If you’re throwing a black tie wedding you need gowns to match and again you’ve finally got more options.


More than anything 2019 seems poised to become the year of options. It’s the year when brides have more control over the style choices of their bridesmaid gowns. You get more colors, more unique styles, and a broader price range. You get a little more of everything and that’s bound to translate to more moves on the dance floor.