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So many times I hear brides hash out their concerns about whether a particular bridesmaid dress can be worn again. These are of course brides who are being thoughtful. They care about their bridesmaids. Bridesmaid dresses can get expensive quickly, and brides want to make sure that everyone really gets their money’s worth.

I totally get it. I also totally support being conscious of everyone’s budget. If you’re asking a friend to shell out $250 for a dress, then you should absolutely make sure it’s worth it. If your $250 dress can keep her from having to buy two other dresses for future occasions, then the dress pays for itself! Voila.

Don’t Let the Re-Wear Wear You Down

All of this is wonderful, but it’s also a lot of pressure to put on your dress choice. Re-wearability is pretty hard to predict.  Styles change. People change. There’s just no guarantee, which means, pick the dress based on what you love now, not what you can be used later.

And to be fair, how many dresses do you have in your closet as a wedding guest that you’ve actually worn again?

Be honest.

Each time another wedding rolls around you’ve got a new excuse to buy a pretty new dress. That’s what I do. I do it because I like pretty new dresses, duh, but also I’m kind of a one dress, one occasion kind of gal. It’s kind of a sentimentality thing. For example, memories I made in my blue and white polka dot pencil dress belong to that blue and white polka dot pencil dress. How could I muddy up those memories with another wedding? Each dress, and each wedding, deserves something that’s just its own.

I’m about to be a bridesmaid for the very first time in my sister’s wedding, and although I love my dress (luv it), I predict I won’t wear it again.

When I take it off after a day of celebrating and partying and shedding happy tears, I imagine that it will just belong to the ages. I’ll put it in its garment bag with the tissue paper hanger and that will be that. When I later take it out to contemplate wearing it, I’ll run my fingers over the beading, I’ll smell a remnant of my perfume and I’ll think back on the wonderful day. Then I’ll tuck it away again and think maybe for New Years.


So by all means, consider the options and that age old adage stitched into the first bridesmaid dress ever worn: you can shorten me and wear me again. but in the end, choose what fits your wedding in the here and now.