Posted by on May 31, 2019 in Blog

It’s easy to look at a veil and think there’s not much to it. That’s true. Veils are gossamer thin with typically just a small trim of beading or lace or ribbon. By nature they are barely there. When we have a veil packaged up and ready for a bride to take home it’s sometimes hard to see if it’s actually in the bag. So yes, there isn’t much to them.

But they can make an incredible difference. They’re like a welterweight in boxing. Thin or not, they pack a maximum punch that more often than not takes your breath away with the same kind of force.

What Happens When a Bride Tries a Veil

We’ve witnessed it here all the time. Brides, especially those with a bent for bucking traditions, come into the salon dead set against a veil. For some brides, this moratorium sticks. Some brides just don’t want to wear one, and we respect that decision. But for those who are even a little bit on the fence, we suggest they at least try one on.

We make the suggestion because we have an obvious vested interested in whether a bride wears a veil, but we also do it because we see the transformative power they have. I’ve seen it myself more times than I can count. The veil makes the look. It makes the bride a bride.

I can say without hyperbole that veils are magical, and their magic makes the moment real.

When a bride puts a veil on everything suddenly becomes official. The wedding is really happening. It’s all really happening.  The right dress alone can have this power too, but perhaps we notice it more with a veil because it makes less sense.

How can such a thin piece of fabric with a little border have such an effect?

It’s probably partly because veils really don’t exist outside of weddings. The two are woven quite tightly together the way that other aspects of a wedding are not. Sure, you might not wear a wedding dress any other time, but you might wear something fancy to a gala. You might have your hair and make up done for a special occasion. You might hire a DJ for a big birthday or take a ride in a limo to celebrate a work milestone.

But you aren’t likely to show up anywhere else with a veil, so why not take advantage of the occasion? At the very least, give it a try. Be open to the idea and put a few in your hair and see if anything magical happens.

I suspect it will.