Posted by on Mar 31, 2019 in Blog

Not so long ago, it’s fair to say that bridal gown shopping was simpler. There were less choices. You couldn’t search the internet endlessly until you almost went a little crazy.


But the way we shop for everything, including bridal gowns, has changed dramatically in just a short time. Part of the change that we have seen is the invention of the bridal entourage. You might know it better as things like Team Bride and Bride Tribe.


Although our space is limited at the salon, we completely understand the impulse to bring lots of people to your appointment. Picking out a dress is fun! The more the merrier, right? Of course, but there are some guidelines to consider. If you’re having trouble picking whom to take with you, check out these tips.



The Supportive One

Ideally everyone you are close with fits this description, but I know this isn’t always true. That’s why it’s important to make sure you include at least one person who knows what you want and will help you stick to it. Whether it’s price or style or color, make sure someone with you is truly Team Bride.


Someone You Need to Build A Relationship With

It makes sense that such a special experience should be saved for your closest friend and relatives, but bridal gown shopping can do much more. It’s actually a great way to bridge a gap and build a relationship with someone.


Maybe it’s your soon-to-be sister in law that you don’t know very well, or your future mother-in-law. Whatever the case, it’s important to know that including someone in your bridal appointment can actually mean a lot to them and go a long way.


Those Who Can’t Make it to the Wedding

Okay, this sounds like a really broad category, but it can have a very narrow focus. It’s pretty common for brides to have an older relative or family friend who simply may not be able to travel to their wedding. Maybe the wedding is out of town, maybe they no longer drive, or maybe they aren’t healthy enough to attend.


In those cases, inviting them to see you pick out your wedding dress is a pretty nice consolation prize. They may not be at the wedding, but they get to be one of just a handful of people who see you transform into a bride for the very first time.


It’s Okay to Pick One

The more the merrier, sure, but it is okay (and sometimes helpful) to limit the number of people you bring. This rule especially comes in handy if you just can’t decide. You’ve got your sisters, your aunts, your bridesmaids, your best friends, and before you know it, half your wedding is invited.

If you’ve fallen down that rabbit hole, then just pick one. Take your mom, or the most important person in your life, and leave it at that.


Other Ways to Include People

Sometimes you can’t take everyone. It might be scheduling conflicts or distance or other logistical nightmares, but things don’t always work out. Instead of stressing out over that, remember that there are other appointments to invite them to. For example, once your ordered gown arrives in store, you can make an appointment to do a try on. You try on your very own gown for the first time. That’s a pretty special moment and a great way to include someone who missed the initial “Yes!”


There are also alterations appointments and the final pick-up day. All of these appointments are special, and they all call for at least a member or two of your team.