Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in Blog

This coming weekend we will be featuring gowns from Augusta Jones Bridal, and I thought I would take a few moments to explain what is unique about their trunk shows and their dresses. Yes, the dresses are gorgeous, the lace is of the highest most exquisite quality, but what is most important is that Augusta Jones is all about customizations. Brides have the opportunity to play an actual role in the overall design of their gown. Now, to be fair Augusta Jones is not the only designer that can make custom changes, but the list of what is possible with them is extremely extensive and they make customizing a dress so easy to do. Let’s say for example you fall in love with a plain lace gown, but you really wish it was beaded. They can do that. Beading all over? Sure. Just a little scattered beading? No problem. Do you love the skirt of one gown and the neckline of another? They’ll combine them.


And if you join us this weekend for the Trunk Show we will have a style expert from the designer here to help you make all of those customizations. Of course making changes does add to the cost of the gown, but for brides who want something extra special or for brides who just simply can’t find the vision they have in their heads, the cost is completely worth it. Even making a small change, like adding buttons to the zipper can really help you fall in love with a gown and that’s what is most important. So join us this weekend for the chance to you know, fall in love all over again : )



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