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Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection

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Nov 27

Watters and WToo Bridal Trunk Show

11/27/2015 to 11/29/2015

Dec 04

Essense of Australia & Martina Liana Trunk Show

12/04/2015 to 12/06/2015

Visit the salon voted #1 in the Mid-Atlantic Region of Brides’ Magazine after a survey of Brides, Manufacturers, Designers!

Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection is a full-service bridal salon, featuring an extensive collection of gowns to suit every price range. Our staff includes professional consultants and skilled seamstresses, all dedicated to your satisfaction. Robinson's salon is conveniently accessible to Washington DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia. Appointments are recommended.


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Giving Thanks

Posted on Nov 23 by

Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means it’s time to give thanks. As an individual I have much to be thankful for, and I am sure that the same is true for all of you, but I’ll spare you my own list in favor of one with a broader appeal. The world of bridal also has much to be thankful for this year. From new trends to old favorites we are feeling pretty lucky.   Thinking Beyond Strapless     Not all brides want to wear a strapless gown, and the designers have finally gotten the message. The landscape of sleeve options for bridal gowns has changed dramatically in the past few years. It’s no longer so difficult to find something beyond a spaghetti strap. Hooray for cap sleeves and long sleeves and T-shirt sleeves. Hooray for variety.   Bridesmaids Look Less Like Bridesmaids     Over the past few years the gowns that bridesmaids have graciously worn down the aisle have gotten more and more stylish. Gone are the days of fitting six different body types into one...


Tips for the Seating Chart

Posted on Nov 19 by

At some point you’re just going to have to do it. You have to do it. Making the seating chart for your reception is an onerous task, and it’s only made worse by the fact that you usually can’t finalize it until the very last moment and even then it’s subject to change. The seating chart is difficult because it involves both logistics and relationships.   For example: You might have only invited a small group of work friends to your wedding and you’d like them to be able to stick together, but there are nine of them and eight seats. Ok, we’ll split them up, five and four. Easy right? Oh, but then who comprises the other seats at those two tables. Do you know other people who might get along with them? Of course you do, that’s easy. It would be easy except that the other people you know are all couples. How are you going to get that odd number of three people? Let’s start over.   And on it goes. So yes, it’s difficult, but...


Look Who’s Here

Posted on Nov 12 by

Today I feel like I am writing more of a public service announcement than a blog post about what is new in stock. I feel this way because I am introducing you to a gown that you need to know about; this is for your own good. I know all too well what it’s like to be scouring the internet and magazines and stores looking for the perfect dress. It’s exhausting. It’s a tough job, and if you aren’t in the bridal world it can be hard to get all the information about what really exists.     That’s where I come in, and that’s where this dress, by Willowby (a division of Watters) comes in. I know so many of you are searching for this kind of look. You want something delicate and pretty and hopelessly romantic. Maybe you’re looking for an ethereal rustic vibe. Maybe you desperately don’t want to go strapless, but sleeves aren’t your thing either. You want a gown that feels on trend and modern, but one that still makes you feel like a...

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Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection
1848 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
Phone 410-484-4600
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Store Hours

Mon & Fri 11am-6pm
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Closed Tuesdays. Receptionist is available to make appointments and handle customer service questions.