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Since on this day in 1931 the state of Nevada legalized gambling it makes for a perfect day to talk about how to throw a weekend Vegas wedding. If you are deep into wedding planning then I’m sure elopement has crossed your mind once or twice as you have struggled to pick out the right color napkins or wrangle in family members to RSVP or dealt with dozens of other headaches that pop up. Yeah, you’ve thought about it. Of course now people have full-blown destination weddings at Vegas with all the usual wedding traditions and the whole nine yards, but if you want the true weekend getaway elopement experience here is what you have to have.



Elvis at a Vegas wedding has transcended from being cliché to being an absolute necessity. If you’re going to the trouble of running off to Vegas and eloping in a little chapel then you just have to have at least one pic with the King. And what a pic it would be! Maybe you’ll even get a song or two. I can already hear “Can’t Help Falling in Love” playing.


A Tattoo

Somebody has got to get a tattoo. You could make it a temporary one, but if you really want to commit to the spontaneity and the carpe diem spirit that encapsulates Vegas, then at least one of you has got to get inked. Just remember that doesn’t have to mean matching tattoos.


Photos in the Desert

Whether you wear a long bridal gown or a short cocktail dress the photos of you and your fiancé with the sprawling desert as the backdrop will be drop dead gorgeous. The starkness of the desert contrasted with the lavishness of your dress, of your flowers, of the sheer joy you’ll bring to the scene. And just you wait until the sun starts to set and all the colors of the sky come out to play.


A Convertible

Ideally it would be a classic pink Cadillac, but if that’s too hard to find, or too kitsch, then at least get yourself a convertible and drive with the top down and your hair blowing in the wind. Tie the tin cans to the bumper and ride off into the sunset in the same Wild West sort of spirit that brought you there to get married in the first place.


Viva Las Vegas,