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Today I am introducing a new segment to the blog: our feature bride of the month. This August we are featuring beautiful Betsy Bride Natalie Montag and her fiancé Justin White who are tying the knot on August 23rd. They have been together for nine years, and I am thrilled to share a few details with you about their wedding as the month progresses.


By way of introduction to this lovely couple I wanted to share the story of their proposal because it’s charming and sweet and truly marks the beginning of all of their adventures.


If you know Justin, you know he is joking around most
of the time. Well, he would always joke around with me and say, ‘it’s going
to happen this weekend’ or ‘get ready for something special’ (making me
believe he was going to propose), but of course everything was a joke! So
when I went over to his house on New Years Day, I thought it was just
another day; another joke.

It was a beautiful day when I arrived and we decided to go for a walk. On
his property there are two rows of hedges and everyone has always called
them the ‘wedding chapel.” We were walking through those and he just
stopped and said ‘take it all in, one day we will get married here.’ We
stopped for a moment, and then I was ready to continue on the walk, but he
didn’t follow. Instead, he got down on his knee, and as always, I thought
it was a joke so I kept pulling him up saying ‘you’re not serious, let’s
go!’ Then he pulled out the ring and at that moment I knew this time he was
actually serious! I was in shock, not believing that this was finally for
real! It was the perfect proposal for us. I was completely caught off
guard! I just thought it was another day, but little did I know it was one
of the most special days of my life!


Many thanks to Natalie and Justin for participating, and I hope you all look forward to more details as the big day approaches.


Photos by Dyanna Joy Photography