Fun Wedding Decor Inspiration: Balloons!

Fun Wedding Decor Inspiration: Balloons!

Fun Wedding Decor Inspiration: Balloons!. Mobile Image

Jul 18, 2019

I wouldnt limit yourself here. In actuality, all aspects of your life could probably benefit from more balloons. I mean, can a birthday have too many balloons? Can you say I love you with too many balloons? Have you ever gone to a New years Eve party and thought, there are too many balloons here?

I certainly never have, and this feeling has only been bolstered by the surge of balloon art popping up in stores, editorial shoots, and all things bridal and wedding related. You might have missed it, but balloons have gone from childs play to a full-on artistic movement. There are balloon artists, and the work they create is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Stay on Trend & Ahead of the Curve with a Balloon Archway

They create sculptures out of balloons that incorporate color, movement, whimsy and romance. Everything your wedding needs! What I think is the most interesting about this trend is the way it seems to have grown out of the paper flower and flower wall trend. Flower walls are happily still holding their own, but balloon structures take it to the next level. They add even more depth and texture and a little fresh perspective on what today's couples want out of their wedding.

It's also fun to see an ordinary object elevated in such a way. Balloons are beautiful! Who would have thunk, huh? But look at them!

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You can have an archway of balloons at the altar or a wall of them as a photo op.  You can drape your escort table or your sweetheart table in a swath of balloons in varying colors and sizes. They add a playful element to your wedding, which I love, but they also look really beautiful. I might even say, a little magical.

And even though I think the more the merrier when it comes to most things, including balloons, you can also make some bold statements with just a few of them. You dont need a thousand balloons in varying sizes to add flair and drama to your photos. Instead, you can opt for a few really big, perfectly round balloons, or balloon letters that spell out something cute and clever.

As with any wedding trend there is an expensive way to achieve the effect and theres also an affordable way. You can hire a vendor to outfit your space, or you can purchase archway kits off of Etsy or Amazon. You could even get super D.I.Y and create your own completely from scratch.

However you do it the results are bright and fun and fun-loving. You can easily tailor the display to your wedding theme and colors, and you can even add touches of paper d├ęcor or streamers to make it truly unique. Youll wow your guests, win your wedding photos and be the talk of the town. Naturally.