What's New in Bridesmaid Trends: Crepe Bridesmaid Gowns

What's New in Bridesmaid Trends: Crepe Bridesmaid Gowns. Mobile Image

Aug 10, 2018

Revolutions in bridesmaids gowns are usually pretty rare. Trends have come and gone, but the general concept, right down to the fabric, has pretty much remained the same for decades.   For as long as I have been here, the fabric of choice for bridesmaids has been chiffon, and the popular silhouette has been a nice flowy A-line. It makes sense. Chiffon photographs nicely, its very forgiving, and its easy to wear.   But for brides who wanted a different texture or silhouette, there were few options. Until now. Designers have slowly but surely been making beautiful crepe bridesmaid gowns that turn heads and change minds about what it means to wear a bridesmaid gown.     Take a look at this Amsale crepe gown. Its gorgeous. Its beyond gorgeous. The high-neck is elegant, the shape is sleek, and the crepe is luxurious. It hugs in all the right places, and it embraces rather than camouflages the female form.     The same can be said of this Watters crepe gown. Its sleek shape is inspiring. Often times the harshest criticism of a bridesmaid gown is that it looks too much like a bridesmaid gown. While it seems unfair to criticize a gown for doing its job too well, these refined crepe gowns are a nice breath of fresh air. They look more evening gown than bridesmaid gown. Sometimes thats just the perfect note to hit.     This Hayley Paige gown is another great crepe example, but with a twist. While most crepe gowns tend to be pretty body hugging, this one has a gorgeous full skirt. And it has pockets! Yep. Its the total package. The neckline is delicate, and it balances nicely with the fullness of the skirt.   Guests who arent fabric experts might not be able to pinpoint what makes these crepe gowns so spectacular, but they will surely know that they look fancy. They look more expensive than they are, and they feel pretty nice to the touch too.   Whats also great about these new crepe gowns is that they are more forgiving than you might think. Traditional crepe tends to show any little imperfection, but these crepes have a nice weight and texture to them that ensures they can hug the body and still be flattering.   The colors for crepe are a little limited at this time, and youll most likely find them in black, navy, burgundy, and a few dusty shades. It's important to check the designer's website, or call us for color inquiries.   With our help you can find amazing gowns for your bridesmaids that keep everyone on trend and absolutely beautiful.   {Lindsey}