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Oct 13, 2014

Trending Now For the past several days the best in the bridal business have gathered in New York City to watch as the latest bridal designs make their way down the runway. It is always an exciting time to watch as the new collections are unveiled and the biggest question on everyones mind is what will be the next big thing. Below are three of the biggest trends that have emerged for this season.   Just an Illusion Illusion, backs, illusion fronts, illusion sleeves. The illusion is all over the bridal world from brides to bridesmaids, and it is making for some rather daring and sexy gowns. We are seeing more plunging necklines using a little netting for coverage as well as some very low backs doing just the same. 2237dea5f794d51362ce84ec691e1488 084f61eb2a0f3375f42b06f7c4458168   A Place for Lace Some brides might be frustrated that the dominating fabric of the day is still lace, but this season we are seeing lace in still another way. Designers continue to update the old standard by layering different types of lace together to create rich texture, by using different colored laces to create depth, and by using intricate appliques on top of sheer netting to meld together modern and traditional. 6c682300580b97c35e73eb0113ae8f12 10174947_738517242852821_941611714853799072_n   Sleeves Are Back There is no denying that the biggest bridal trend this season is the reappearance of the sleeve. Whether its a cap sleeve, three-quarters or full length, sleeves are everywhere. Its a trend that has slowly been making its way into the spotlight weve been seeing more sleeve options in the last year or two but in New York this week it really came roaring back. Just a few years ago brides were lucky if they could find a dress that had a strap never mind any kind of sleeve, and so this is a pleasant turn of events. This trend is especially wonderful for brides looking to capture a vintage feel because the presence of a sleeve already calls to mind another era. Have no fear though, these sleeves are still attached to dresses with plenty of modern drama, plunging necklines, knee high slits, and crystal beading to satisfy the best of both worlds. 650210321ced82a7e5807412c7a3b523 3ec735ecacda5a48e9f8d1c1013271ba