What We are Thankful For This Thanksgiving

What We are Thankful For This Thanksgiving. Mobile Image

Nov 20, 2017

I know we are supposed to be thankful all year round, and I am, but I also take special pleasure in giving thanks at this time of year. I enjoy making lists of the myriad of things that make me grateful. There are the obvious ones, like friends and family and the less obvious ones like vacuum cleaners and reusable grocery bags. There is much to be thankful for, but I wont bore you with the rest of my list. Instead, I will tell you what we here at Betsys are most thankful for.   It is of course, our brides. Naturally. In a year that has brought unexpected turmoil throughout the bridal world we are happy to have so many wonderful brides who trust us with their special day. We are grateful that mothers who purchased their gown with us years ago return with their daughters when its their turn. Our brides also share their experiences with friends and encourage them to come to us. We are grateful to be reviewed and recommended and requested.     In the simplest terms we could not exist without our brides. What better reason to be thankful for than that. But we are also thankful that we get to meet so many wonderful people and share in a small part of their momentous day. Everyday we get to put our bridal knowledge to good use. We get to help brides pick out their wedding gowns! Really, how cool is that? It's not only a big responsibility, but it's also a big honor. It's one we take very seriously and are very grateful for. There are so many more ways to buy a bridal gown than there used to be. The competition is constant, but we are grateful that our brides see our true value.   It comes from our service. We are thankful that we get to be with brides the entire length of their journey. From the first consultation when they dont know what they are looking for to the final fitting when everything is just right. Along the way we feel like we really get to know them. It's not a typical retail experience. Like everything to do with a wedding it is grander and more wonderful.   Its also wonderful that the connection we share does not always stop once the gown leaves our salon. Brides send us pictures and stories from their wedding day and its such a treat for us to see. We love to see the finished product and are so grateful that our brides share with us.   We hope you all have just as many reasons to be thankful and celebrate, and we wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.   {Lindsey}