What to Love about Winter Weddings!

What to Love about Winter Weddings!. Mobile Image

Nov 29, 2018

I love winter weddings! Thats probably because I love winter. There's the smell of snow in the air. I love twinkling lights, and cups of hot cocoa, and I love having different warm coats for different occasions.     I also love weddings that have a built-in theme. Generally, I dont think that there are rules in weddings or that you should let a season or place dictate what you do, but winter weddings give you an easy backdrop. You can capitalize on both the cold and the good cheer, and you can have a lot of fun doing it.   So while May through October may be deemed the Wedding Season, lets take a look at some of the things that make winter weddings special.   Velvet Its hard to get away with velvet any other time of year, so I love to see winter weddings that embrace this lush fabric. I love velvet bows hanging from the banister of a grand hall. It looks lovely wrapped around the floral arrangements. I love guests arriving in velvet gowns or jackets with velvet collars. Theres something warm and welcoming about the fabric. A few velvet accents will instantly make your guests feel bright and cheery.   Metallic Accents Many winter weddings are holiday themed for sure, but simple metallic accents can help you say it in a subtle way. You dont have to go all out red and green just because youre getting married in December. Instead, pull your inspiration from trees with white lights. Now think of centerpieces with shades of gold, silver, bronze, and copper.   The monochromatic metallic scheme is elegant, refined, and wintry without giving you Santa vibes.   Warm Drinks Wine and beer are great at weddings. Signature cocktails that show off your personality are even better, but theres something extra decadent about a warm drink at a wedding. Whats also great is that there are so many options to choose from and so many ways that everyone can enjoy.   You can opt for a peppermint hot chocolate with a little Schnapps for the adults. You can have spiced cider both spiked and un. What about rum punch? Wassail? Each drink offers an opportunity to be creative, festive, and a little over the top. Sounds like a perfect wedding.   Greenery When you think greenery at weddings you probably think about summer weddings outside under big oak trees, but greenery does wonders for a winter wedding. Again, it provides a really simple decorating solution. Youre getting married in December? Perfect, bring in the pine trees, the garlands, and the swags.   Just like with the metallic color palette, the greenery doesnt have to scream Christmas. You can make it as festive or as straightforward as you want. You dont need to drape the trees in ornaments if you dont want to. Keep it simple. Let the greenery do all the work. It will brighten up the wedding, and look timeless in your pictures.   Snow I know, I have to be careful loving this particular element. Most couples really don't want snow on their wedding day. It can cause traffic snarls, logistical nightmares, and lots of stress. To even fleetingly wish for snow is a winter wedding no-no. So I'll keep my wish very specific: a light snow right after the ceremony, just in time for pictures, but clear for safe travels home.   Cheers to winter weddings!   {Lindsey}