What To Expect Now that Were Open

What To Expect Now that Were Open

What To Expect Now that Were Open. Mobile Image

Jun 30, 2020

For us, like you, its been a long few months. Our routines have changed. Our lives are changed. For so many of our brides, their dates and weddings have entirely changed. Everything is changed.

And change is hard. As we get back into the swing of things, we proceed into the change with trepidation. Our main goal is keeping our brides and staff healthy, so youll see a few measures around the store to ensure that.

The biggest difference at this point in time is the limit of two guests per bride. Just a few short months ago it wasnt unusual for brides to bring five or six people with them. We spent a lot of time rearranging chairs to accommodate the parties. Now were rearranging chairs to keep them separated.

We know it might be hard to leave some of your entourage behind, but there are always virtual ways to help them chime in. These past months have certainly shown us the power of technology to keep us all connected. Its truly amazing.

Our spacious store makes it very easy for everyone to keep social distance, and we also require everyone to wear a mask. It might not be the bridal shopping experience that most of our brides envisioned, but we promise, its still a lot of fun. Our amazing consultants are happy to be back doing what they love, and it shows.

Yes, things have changed and there is so much uncertainty around us, but love is all around us too. COIVD has shown us the power of love and the power of creativity so that we can celebrate that love no matter the circumstances. From drive-by graduation parties to virtual bridal showers to zoom happy hours, weve seen the world pitch in to make celebrations happen.

Thats the kind of spirit that youll find here. Its the kind of spirit that keeps everyone saying, Yes!