Wedding Trend to Watch For: The Red Carpet Treatment

Wedding Trend to Watch For: The Red Carpet Treatment. Mobile Image

May 12, 2017

After years of working in the bridal industry I am a hard person to surprise when it comes to what people do at their weddings. Im no stranger to the elaborate, the ornate, and the very expensive. Ive seen the rise and fall of many wedding trends, but rarely are they the kinds of things I would recommend. For example, I read an article earlier this year that pegged Cirque du Soleil type acrobatic performers as the next big thing. I think Ill pass on that, but over the weekend I did come across a novel idea that I love.     By now everyone has heard of the wedding photo booth, and while its a fun addition to a wedding reception its also time to try something new. So instead of a photo booth, why not try a red carpet photo op? Its sounds excessive at first, which is generally not my style, but it actually checks a lot of boxes.   Simplicity Its easy to do and can be done inexpensively. All you need is a backdrop, which can be made with anything from fabric to paper to flowers depending on your decorating budget and the space available. Then you get a banner or some kraft letters and spell out the date or your wedding hashtag or hooray and youve got a great spot for guests to stop and take photos. Station the whole thing outside the ceremony site or in the entryway and have a photographer there to snap pics. Simple.   Camaraderie It gets guests excited and gives them a chance to mingle even well before the festivities get started. Instead of guests scattered outside in small groups or lurking in entryways wondering if its too early to take a seat they can participate in a little fun themselves.   Posterity Who doesnt love a nice professional portrait of themselves all dressed up? Again, photo booths are great, but a red carpet setup allows your guests to get nice photos with their significant others or family members or close friends without clown wigs and oversized sunglasses. In other words, you end up with a really nice photograph that your older guests will frame and put on their mantle and your younger guests will immediately upload as their profile pic. Either way they have a very nice memento from your wedding and you in turn will have great photos of all the wonderful people you invited.   {Lindsey}