Wedding Trend: Satellite Bar

Wedding Trend: Satellite Bar. Mobile Image

Feb 25, 2016

I decided to take a look at the Knots list of the wedding trends that are supposed to take 2016 by storm. You can take a look at the list here, but most of the trends are more or less more extreme or extravagant versions of what people have already been doing. For example, wedding websites have been very popular in recent years, but now couples are having personalized websites designed just for them.   2c1ed9c8-fd18-4242-8f70-dbf1b6a725e3~rs_768   But one trend stood out as something that has practical as well as extravagant capabilities, and one that I wouldnt be surprised to see couples embrace: the satellite bar. Its a fancy way of saying a second bar, and its intended to be a place where couples can serve up a signature drink or offer a wine tasting or introduce guests to their favorite expensive liqueur.   If your guest list is pretty long the satellite bar is a practical way of reducing any bottleneck and helping to control the drink line. It might even make sense to designate one bar for wine and beer and leave the satellite bar just for mixed drinks. That way both lines will run smoothly, no bartenders will get overwhelmed and you can save the fancy drinkware for the signature cocktails. Youll want to make sure guests know which bar to go to, but as long as you can accomplish that, guests will appreciate your efforts.   As with so many wedding trends the most relevant question is, is any of this necessary? Again, if you have a big crowd, its certainly helpful, but the real benefit is that it makes guests feel special. Can you make guests feel special in other ways? Sure. Is it fun to design a signature cocktail and have it served in retro patterned vintage glasses. Yep, it sure is.   The choice as always is up to you, but at least you can stay on top of the upcoming trends to know which ones to ignore and which ones to embrace.   {Lindsey}