Wedding Tip: Writing Wedding Day Notes

Wedding Tip: Writing Wedding Day Notes. Mobile Image

Aug 03, 2016

Planning a wedding can make a person awfully sentimental. You think a lot about your relationship with your fiancĂ© and you also end up thinking a lot about your other relationships. You think about the people who have been important in your life. You think about your maid of honor and why shes your maid of honor. You think about the people on your guest list and why you want them there. You think about your childhood and your dreams and your future with your person.   With all this sweet sentimentality swirling around its best to have an appropriate outlet for it. You can get weepy at your bachelorette party after a few drinks and gush about how wonderful everyone is, or you can opt for something a little more tangible if not as cringingly memorable.   Enter the handwritten notecard. Getting married really gives you an opportunity to let the people in your life know just how important they are to you. Youre probably planning on writing really nice thank-you notes to your bridesmaids or to your aunts who helped with your shower, but who are some other people who might deserve a note?   Thank You.   I was browsing greeting cards the other day and came across a set of cards that were labeled To My Mother on My Wedding Day and To My Father on My Wedding Day. I was immediately struck by two thoughts: one, what a great idea, and two, why didnt I do that? Which is why I am telling all of you about it. I wrote my parents a nice thank-you note, sure, but those two card ideas offer a lot more meaning.   Of course it might not be a mother or father that you feel compelled to write to, but the point is, you should pick those important people in your life and take the time to say a few words. You should also write a note to your very-soon-to-be-spouse. They make for really wonderful keepsakes and you should never underestimate the value of something written in a persons own hand. Theres nothing like.   Weddings also inevitably make you think about posterity. They make you think about what has been passed down to you and what you might pass down. I'm pretty sure letters written on your wedding day to your loved ones would rank pretty highly in anyone's book and they would certainly enjoy a cherished spot in family history.   {Lindsey}