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Jan 27, 2016

It is part of my job to be in the loop about the latest wedding trends. I follow other wedding vendors and bridal designers to keep on top of what everyone else in the industry is doing. The world of weddings is constantly evolving and become more complex and it takes time to sift through what trends are worthy and what trends are a bit excessive. Its always good to have eyes on the future, but weddings are also steeped in centuries of tradition and sometimes ignoring trends in favor of tradition can offer a big reward.   One such tradition that brides often ditch, but shouldnt is the receiving line. Receiving lines are a bit old fashioned. Couples nowadays would probably prefer gliding around the banquet hall stopping off here and there to talk to people over the more regimented line of greetings. The first option is much more organic and informal, but it never accomplishes exactly what it should. You simply never get to everyone that way. You will start out with the best of intentions. Youll wait until the dancing starts and youll make your rounds. Youll pop over to a few tables and make your way around each one. Youll thank your guests and make necessary introductions. Itll be great and youll be right on track until one of you gets pulled away or until your favorite song comes on or until its time to cut the cake.   receiving line   The more formal receiving line gives you the opportunity to great and speak with each and every guest. When and how you do your reeving line is up to you, but its easiest to do as guests file out of your church or ceremony site. It will be slow going, and youll want to allow time for it, but most of your guests will really appreciate it.   You know who else will appreciate it? Your parents. A receiving line ensures that everyone also gets to meet and thank your parents. People want to meet your parents, and your parents want to meet them, too. A receiving line is in effect a great way of spotlighting the other people who are really important to the day. Without one many guests are left completely in the dark about who is the mother of the bride or the father of the groom and so on.   The real bottom line about this tradition of a receiving line is that it places a necessary importance on introducing and greeting people. If you have super human meet-and-greet abilities and can accomplish everything without a receiving line than more power to you. If not, consider adding in this little tradition.   {Lindsey}