Wedding Splurge

Wedding Splurge . Mobile Image

May 15, 2014

When I planned my wedding it was all about budget, budget, budget and oh, dont forget about the budget. This meant tons of DIY, which is actually what fit me and my husband best, but I often wonder if we had more money to spend, what would we have splurged on? late-night-snacks-1    More Snack Ideas The answer: one of my favorite things, a late night snack. I have seen this time and time again in a dozen different wedding blogs and magazines and I think its pretty much the best thing ever. Make no mistake this trend is totally unnecessary. It's frivolous, but then of course that's the point of a splurge. Either way your guests will have plenty to eat throughout the reception, but I love the feeling it creates. It revs up the celebration one notch higher, and it makes guests feel pampered and appreciated.   There are so many food options: mini sliders, French fries, crispy little donuts. Imagine being a guest at a wedding and just as things are winding down, just as you realize maybe you had one too many glasses of champagne, just as your feet start to get tired and you might have gone too low to the dance floor during Shout, all of a sudden waiters sashay onto the floor with trays of cheesy and fried snacks. Amazing. Best wedding ever. Bam. {Lindsey}