Wedding Find of the Week: Flower Girl Skirt

Wedding Find of the Week: Flower Girl Skirt. Mobile Image

Aug 10, 2016

So I was on my weekly trip to Target strolling through the main aisle with a basket full of a healthy mix of essential, on-the-list-items and a few ooh thats pretty things when I stumbled upon this weeks wedding find.   51116166   There it was, staring at me from the little girls section, the most perfect flower girl skirt in the history of the world. Im not exaggerating. This little skirt makes having a flower girl simpler than its ever been before and its so cute you might wish, like I do, that it came in a bigger size. I mean look at those pom poms!   When it comes to what your flower girl should wear you dont have to make things complicated or expensive. You can certainly special-order adorable dresses, and we have worked with several designers over the years who do a great job, but buying a dress off-the-rack definitely has its advantages. For one, sizing is less of a guessing game, which is especially nice when you are dealing with possible growth spurts. The elastic waistband on this skirt is nice for that same reason. If you buy it a few months in advance you still have a little wiggle room.   Traditionally, flower girl dresses can cost a pretty penny, and so my favorite thing about this has to be the price. All you have to do is find a cute little t-shirt and your work is done. The t-shirt or top is really your chance to be creative. Happily Ever After. Here Comes the Bride. The date of the wedding. There are so many possibilities each as adorable as the last.   I think the important thing to keep in mind when looking for flower girl attire is that little kids are going to look cute in whatever you put them. Period. And theres no guarantee that the clothes they are wearing to start the shindig are the clothes theyll be wearing at the end of it. That means you dont have to follow any rules. You dont have to custom-make a miniature of your gown or make sure her dress incorporates an element of the bridesmaids.   This pom-pom skirt serves as a perfect reminder that you can be as creative with flower girls as you can with bridesmaids gowns or grooms suits or your own footwear. Its a good reminder to keep your eyes open, and to tread off the beaten path and the Target aisle to find a way to make your wedding truly yours.   {Lindsey}