Wedding Find of the Week

Wedding Find of the Week. Mobile Image

May 13, 2016

Its been a little while since I have discovered a new wedding find for all of you, so this week I made sure it was a really really good find. Voila. 50019380_Alt03   I mean come on, right? Cant you just picture a hundred ways to incorporate this light into your ceremony or reception d├ęcor? The photo here offers a lot of inspiration on its own. Replace the dresser with a dessert table and youve just created the most adorable arrangement in wedding history.   If you are setting up a photo booth for your guests then all you need is some white paper, a few hand drawn clouds and one or two neon balloons floating against the backdrop. Cute. Fun. Bingo. They would also make a great backdrop for your ceremony or your escort card table. Or you can one-up all those sparkler photos by attaching these to a wooden dowel and posing for a quick smooch before you speed away in your limousine.   These neon lights satisfy all my major requirements for a truly great wedding find. Its clear that they are versatile and that make for fantastic photo ops, but they are also ahead of the curve. While everyone else is still posing in front of vintage letters with old-fashioned light bulbs, youll have something fresh and funky. You are the coolest couple you know, right? Of course, and thats why you want your wedding to be different and fun and full of personality.   Of course the last great bonus about these guys is that you can get them at Target. You were going there anyway, right? I mean if you are planning a wedding and you havent been doing a bi-weekly Target dollar bin check then you are missing out. So once you finish in the bargain aisle and hit up the clearance at the end of the aisles then you can grab a pair of these hearts and stroll out confident that your wedding is going to be amazing and amazingly fun.   {Lindsey}