Wedding Find of the Week

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Apr 07, 2016

Planning a wedding is full of lots of fun tasks like sampling cakes and trying on dresses, but its also full of some not so fun tasks, and high on that list is addressing envelopes. To get out of this drudgery you can hire a calligrapher or see if your stationer has an addressing option, but both of these choices are pricey.   2   Luckily, I have found the perfect little gadget that makes addressing envelopes at least a little easier if not more fun. The lettermate guide has been popping up all over pinterest and in stationary boutiques across the country. With good reason: its an inexpensive tool that helps you space out your lettering, center your address and keep your lines straight. Plus, the template can help keep you from smearing your letters, especially if youre a lefty. Its not likely to make addressing any less of a chore, but it will at least limit the number of mistakes you make and keep you from needlessly wasting envelopes. Trust me. It will also come in handy when you address your thank you notes, and if youre doing a lot of DIY decor for your reception you can definitely get a lot of miles out of this little guy. Placecards, escort cards, signage, all of these things can benefit from one simple tool. {Lindsey}