Wedding Find of the Week

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Oct 29, 2015

This weeks wedding find is not necessarily a bargain and definitely not a necessity. In fact, its just a plain old splurge, but worth it all the same. 153568_100_1 These over-sized Mr. and Mrs. balloons from Kate Spade are just the bit of whimsy your wedding needs. By need, of course, I mean want. You dont need these balloons. You dont need to spend $48 on them (that's a lot, I know), but just look at them! Theyre so big. The size makes them whimsical, but the black script also makes them classic and versatile. There are other similar giant balloons available in gold and silver mylar that are not so pricey, but these look a little more grown up. As much as a giant balloon can, anyway.   I can see it now. The two of you are standing in a golden wheat field. The light sun is an a deep orange glow set against a bright blue sky. White clouds billow overhead as if painted with a brush.  Your tulle ball gown fills the frame. The balloons hover buoyantly above you. In one shot the two of you look deep in to each others eyes as the balloons bob happily above. In the next shot you each look hopefully up at the balloons. Your future looms large above you, and it is positively beautiful. That is worth every penny.   I do believe theyve made an error by only offering a Mr. and Mrs. balloon in each package, but to be fair they are operating under the assumption that you're going to buy enough of these balloons to fill a room. Um, no, two should do the trick quite nicely.   {Lindsey}