Wedding Find of the Week

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Sep 02, 2015

If youre planning a wedding or helping someone else to plan a wedding then youve probably made a trip or two to Michaels, and I can tell you personally that there are more trips in your future. I was always drawn to the strange and mysterious items of the bargain bins, which is where I found this weeks wedding find. I bring you the classic little milk jug with a vintage, rustic, playful feel and a cute little cow etched into it. milk glass   The price ($1.99!) was enough to make me stuff some into my shopping basket for absolutely no reason, and it makes it easy to plan part of your wedding reception with them. As usual I strive to find ways for brides to recreate fancy Martha Stewart-like wedding photos on a more limited budget, and these little dairy glasses have that all covered. I envision these in two ways, on the desert table or at the kids table.   Imagine pastel cake stands lined with cookies and miniature cakes arrayed in delicate patterns. If you're enlisting relatives to bake for a cookie table these little glasses are right up your alley. They'll make a perfect accent to the table and show guests that you have a little sense of humor, too.  Just line them up in neat little rows, stick a brightly colored striped straw in each one, hang a clever banner or a bunch of matching balloons above the table and voila. Then let guests choose from milk to chocolate milk to a daring White Russian as their drink options and everybody wins.   For the kids table option keep the bright straws, throw in some silly loopy straws, add a little confetti, and cookies shaped like animals and again, everybody wins. Either table will look expertly crafted for your photos and guests will find them adorable and delicious.   {Lindsey}