Wedding Find of the Week

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Jul 22, 2015

In a time when weddings are becoming increasingly personalized and couples are making their own rules, there are very few musts when it comes to tying the knot. One such must seems to be that you must have a marquee letter featured somewhere in your reception d├ęcor.   The little light-up letters have become so integral to getting married that I think most venues have it in written is a clause in their contract. I think they might even provide them. Wedding photographers tote them around right along with their lenses just in case a need for one will arise, which of course a need for marquee letters will arise. You simply must have them, and truth-be-told I fully understand the compulsion. They are cute and quaint and adorable, and the transformative power of a few glowing light bulbs should never be underestimated. You can watch DIY videos on how to create your own or you can order them custom made from dozens of Etsy shops for a sometimes hefty price. marquee Or. You can head to Target. What a chore, I know, to send you on a shopping trip to Target, but if its for you wedding, you just have to go. These $9 little beauties are my wedding find of the week. They are not the most ornate or authentic marquee letters. The bulbs are plastic and the letters only stand about 6 inches tall, but they help you check off that trendy box in a really simple step. You dont have to make anything, you dont have to do extra planning, and you dont have to spend a chunk of your decorating budget.   What you can end up with though is a nifty little ode to you and your spouse. You can buy your initials and an ampersand and put them next to the escort cards, and you dont have to do anything else to the table. You could even get fancy and use them as table numbers. There are lots of possibilities especially since they are battery operated and light enough to hang or attach to the wall. They have a few shapes as well, like arrows, which would provide a quick and easy way to provide signage for your guests. How do we get to the open bar? Follow the glowing arrow. Sweet.   {Lindsey}