Wedding Find of the Week

Wedding Find of the Week. Mobile Image

Jul 06, 2015

This week I found the perfect item to liven up your refreshments table. This drink dispenser is a beautiful shade of teal that is sure to go with lots of wedding colors and the vintage pseudo Mason jar look makes it perfect for any number of wedding vibes. Are you having a laid back outdoor sort of picnic reception? Then this is for you. Are you having a rustic barn reception? Also, for you. Or what about a vintage themed wedding with an Underwood Typewriter holding your guestbook? Then you guessed it, this works for you, too.   dispenser   This versatility comes from the fact that it is simply a really nice looking drink fixture. It begs to be photographed. Cant you just see it sitting on a checkered tablecloth with the late afternoon sun catching it? Cant you just see the fresh lemon slices bobbing around inside it making your lemonade look like the best lemonade ever made? It would also look amazing surrounded by brightly colored cake stands holding all sorts of sweets while a nicely draped banner hangs above it advertising eats and drinks. This one drink dispenser (at a great price) can help bring together your refreshments table in one easy swoop. With it in tow you're just a few hand-painted cake stands and some paper flowers away from Martha Stewart-level decorating.   But this dispenser is not just beautiful, it's practical. It provides a great way to make a signature drink for your guests. Maybe you choose lemonade or maybe you choose sangria or mint juleps, but either way youve got the perfect dispenser to both display it and dish it out. Guests will appreciate being able to serve themselves without waiting in a long line for individually made drinks, and it might even help avoid that initial bar line back up clear onto the dance floor.   {Lindsey}