Wedding Find of the Week

Wedding Find of the Week. Mobile Image

Jun 24, 2015

I spend a lot of time looking through magazines and online galleries full of wedding photos. Sometimes these images are from real weddings and sometimes they are from wedding editorials. Either way the images are meant to inspire brides, but they can also overwhelm them. How are you going to find such perfect, charming, personal and trendy decorations for your own wedding? And more importantly, how are you going to fit those items into your budget? I know those worries well, but I also spend a considerable amount of time on the internet, and Im here to help by bringing you my favorite wedding finds.   This time its the most adorable and appropriate drink ware youve ever seen. summer-drink   I cant get over these guys. They capture the spirit of the day so well and they also accomplish several wedding goals. For starters they will liven up your tables and add a personal touch that goes beyond regular ol wine and water glasses. They will act as a conversation piece and also encourage people to raise their glasses to the lovely couple. They will also make your photographs look just like those amazing magazine editorial shots. All you have to do is add a signature fun colored cocktail and a striped paper straw and voila, cover shot. Lastly, theyll make a great favor for your guests that they will actually want to use. They say fun and wedding and celebration without saying Steve and Sue Forever with a date and a heart.   Its this double duty of both decoration and favor that helps make the per-person price easier to stomach. To cut down on cost you could also consider just using them at the bar for cocktails. This way they would still pop up in pictures, still look great on the table and guests could still be invited to take their glass home.   Either way everyone will be taken by your charming glasses and add them to the long list of reasons why your wedding was the best one theyve ever been to.   {Lindsey}