Wedding Dress Pro Tip: Shop the Sample Sale

Wedding Dress Pro Tip: Shop the Sample Sale

Wedding Dress Pro Tip: Shop the Sample Sale. Mobile Image

May 16, 2019

I love a good deal. Im a big believer in not paying full price for just about anything, except a vacuum cleaner. Trust me, its worth it.

So when it comes to my wardrobe, I dont think there is a single item that wasnt purchased on sale. Maybe my socks? And yet when I went to shop for my wedding dress, it never occurred to me to look at sample sale gowns.

What was I thinking?

Sale Gowns Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

Well, for starters, I assumed that I wouldnt be able to find my size in a sample wedding dress. Six years ago this may have been true, or partially true (Im a 16, thanks), but these days our sale gowns are in a really nice variety of sizes. There is something on our racks for every size, so dont be discouraged.

I also probably worried that sale wedding dresses meant old, out of style wedding dresses. Truth be told there are a few oldies hanging around in the back, but honestly, there are gowns that are practically brand new. If we didnt tell you it was a sample dress, you might not even know.

This is because sometimes a dress looks really great at market or in magazines, and it just doesnt find its niche in our salon. It might be the dress thats spent six months as the runner up dress. The bridesmaid, but never the bride.

Our saleroom is full of dresses that fit that description. They are beautiful, they are on trend, but they just havent found the right bride. You could be that bride, and you could get a good deal while youre at it.

Get a Gorgeous Wedding Dress Without the Wait!

I might have also overlooked the sale gowns because I didnt understand what I was missing. As I walk through the salon and see all the sale gowns hanging there, waiting, I understand perfectly. The dresses are gorgeous. Theyre in great condition, and you can leave with them that day. Theres no waiting around. You need a wedding dress? Voila, now you have one.

Our lack of space becomes your gain. Thats really what it comes down to. We buy new gowns every season, and so we just dont have room for all the inventory. Its the same concept as anywhere else, right? You have to make room for whats next.

Weve made room by marking down more dresses. If you take a look at our sale page here, you can get a little preview of what we have. Keep in mind, some, but not all of our sale gowns are up on the site, and if you see one you like, call to inquire before someone else does!

I love the wedding dress that I chose, and I may have chosen it whether I looked at sale gowns or not, but its still something I wish I had considered. Now its something you should consider. Whether youre on a tight budget, a tight timeline, or you just cant seem to find what youre looking for, our sample sale is perfect for you.

Happy shopping!