Wedding Advice From Lauren Conrad

Wedding Advice From Lauren Conrad. Mobile Image

Mar 25, 2015

Its safe to say there is no shortage of wedding advice available in magazines or on the internet. I run across wedding advice a dozen times a day and sometimes I even dispense a little of it myself. But with all the friendly advice piling up it can be hard to glean anything useful from it. It tends to be very similar. It espouses being yourself and being diplomatic and throws in a hint of traditional etiquette when all else fails.   But! Yesterday I found something that I thought was innovative and worth passing along. Im only slightly embarrassed to say that it came from former reality start turned fashion mogul, Lauren LC Conrad. Ok, so her clothes are pretty cute and since she just planned her own wedding she can at least speak from experience.   She came across a lot of guests who were concerned about what to wear to the wedding. This is a common concern. Guests want to make sure that they look appropriate, that they dont clash with the theme, and most importantly, for the ladies, they want to make sure they dont match the bridesmaids. Conrads solution was to create an inspiration board (presumably on Pinterest) where she could leave a color palette and details that gave off the general vibe of the wedding.   Now of course you dont want to dictate what people wear, but if you create a beachy inspiration board with sundresses and Bermuda shorts then it will help guests get the picture. Likewise if you pin pictures of your gorgeous ballroom reception site and black tuxes and sequined evening gowns, guests will better know how to dress.   artdeco inspiration   I created a quick little board just to give you and idea of the possibilities. I think this little trick has so much potential to not only help make sure your wedding vision is complete, but it also adds another level of interaction with your guests. By creating a board and reveling some of the details ahead of time, like the color of the bridesmaid dresses, you are allowing your guests in on a little secret. It will get them excited. Theyll want to start pinning things and looking for inspiration, too.   {Lindsey}