Watters Weekend

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Jan 18, 2013

Mid-January is a tough stretch of the year; Christmas is over, its cold and dreary, and spring seems like it will never come. Luckily, Betsy Robinsons is here to get you through the winter blues. Thats because this weekend is Watters weekend. Maybe you already know how exciting Watters weekend is, in which case you have probably already picked up the phone to make an appointment, but if you dont then let me tell you. Periodically throughout the year designers send their best dresses all across the country in what are called trunk shows. Betsy Robinsons usually has a few trunk shows each month, which means that we get dresses, styles, and sizes that we might not have in the store normally. Its a great way to see an extensive amount of any one particular designers work. What makes Watters weekend so great is that Watters is such a popular, beautiful and affordable brand. We will not only have wedding gowns to showcase this weekend but also bridesmaids dresses, a line of mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses, and flower girl dresses in a range of colors. Special pricing is also available during the event. Oh, but there is still more. Maria Prince, the Vice President and Director of Design at Watters will be in the store to help brides select the perfect gown. Naturally, she knows the collection in and out and is the perfect person to answer your questions and dress you up. But lets say you already have your dress, what could possibly excite you about Watters weekend. Well, yes, the dress is important, but you have to remember to, as our experts like to say, finish the story. Thomas Knoell and Toni Federici are the perfect people to help you do that. Thomas Knoell, of Thomas Knoell Designs crafts jewelry and headpieces of unparalleled beauty. He will be here in person to help give you an outstanding experience. Meanwhile, Toni of Veils by Toni will be here with her soft, delicate, beautiful and nationally sought after veils. Feel free to visit their websites and familiarize yourself with some of their beautiful creations, and dont miss the opportunity to benefit from their skill and craftsmanship. http://www.headpieces.com/ http://www.thomasknoell.com/ So now you see why this weekend is so exciting and its time to make an appointment. watters 3january 2013 trunk show