Trending Now: Evergreen Bridesmaid Dresses

Trending Now: Evergreen Bridesmaid Dresses. Mobile Image

Nov 08, 2018

Working in the bridesmaid department has given me a lot of insight into bridal trends. I get to see how they start, how they grow, and how they get replaced by something new. I also get to witness how brides and designers are not always in sync. Sometimes designers have to react quickly to keep up with the changing tastes of brides, and sometimes brides have to adapt to what designers create.   The most recent example of this is the color evergreen. Its a nice lush, deep green that looks good on any bridesmaid and in any season, and its a color that weve been waiting a while for.   Almost a year ago I noticed an increase in brides looking for a good, deep green. They called it emerald, hunter, and pine, but a rose by any other name. None of our bridesmaid designers had it. There was a wealth of pastel sage shades to choose from, but nothing with the richness and depth these brides wanted.   In our feedback to designers we mentioned that a nice evergreen would be a great addition to their swatches. Brides kept asking for it, and we kept recommending it, but the new dresses and colors came out, and they were just as neutral and pastel as before.   But finally, this fall, evergreen and all its dark green variations arrived in a big way. In fact, deep colors like evergreen are already trending for 2019 weddings. Weve seen so much blush pastel lately that the change is very welcome. Finally, brides who are looking for a deep shade of green actually have options. They can choose from several different hues, designers, and even price points to find exactly what they are looking for.   Im currently in love with Amsales hunter green especially in their new crepe gowns. The crepe is luxurious, but light, and the richness of the fabric really gives depth to the green.   Sorella Vita also has a gorgeous forest thats available in tons of chiffon and satin styles. Its a little brighter shade than the hunter, but it's elegant and not overpowering like some greens can be.     These great colors are perfect examples of what happens when a trend catches on, and when designers listen to feedback from their brides. The only thing to look forward to now is what hot color will be in demand next.   {Lindsey}