Throwback Wedding Trend

Throwback Wedding Trend. Mobile Image

Aug 14, 2014

735819_queenvictoria_jpg90772f1b5facf8ce7eb497c46418a07f   For todays throwback post I bring you Queen Victoria. I pay tribute to her because she is widely accepted as the reason modern brides wear white on their wedding day. Queen Victoria and her white wedding gown are then not only a throwback trend, but a very enduring trend as well. She was of course not the first bride to wear white, but she certainly popularized the notion and set a trend that has continued from 1840 into the present with little interruption. Prior to Queen Victorias marriage most brides simply wore their best dress with little or no thought to what color it should be.   Around here its not unusual to see brides in a pale blush or oatmeal color, but generally thats as colorful as things get. The whites and ivories have stuck it out for almost two centuries, and its hard to imagine a bridal shop filled with anything else. Im not much for tradition, and yet I never questioned wearing an ivory dress on the big day. I dont know why. Would I have felt like less of a bride in another color? Probably not, but I never wear anything close to white. I dont even own khakis, and so an ivory gown seemed special, specific to the day. This notion is anchored in history. Traditionally, white fabrics were harder to come by and more expensive and thus more desirable and special.   Queen Victoria could little predict what effect her wedding day fashion would have on history just as we can little predict what trendsetter will change the course of bridal fashion next. Will we see more color? Will we see pattern? Or will Queen Victoria reign infinitely?   {Lindsey}