Throwback Wedding Trend

Throwback Wedding Trend. Mobile Image

Aug 07, 2014

1105646genie-francis-anthony-geary-FC 072513-fashion-beauty-wedding-dresses-whitney-houston-bobby-brown-jet-magazine.jpg.custom1200x675x20 For this weeks throwback Thursday wedding trend I give you the headpieces to end all headpieces. Look at these um, beauties, ahem. I cant help but wonder just how much Celines headpiece actually weighs, and I admit I have a hard time looking at it with a straight face. When brides say they want to look timeless in their photos, this is exactly what they are afraid of. As for the fictional character Laura of General Hospital, her headpiece is almost scary. It seems to be threatening to take over her face. And poor Whitney, she is just lost in that veil-turban-headpiece combination that looks more like a swim cap. No two ways around it these pictures are funny. It's hard to imagine people actually choosing to wear something so opulent and over the top, but then again that's the whole reason to examine them. That's the whole purpose of a throwback; to try to imagine and understand how things once were. photo 1(11) But then we come to one of our very own, Maria Gordon. Yes, you can argue that her headpiece is of the bygone trend, but when I look at the photo I barley notice it. I notice the sweetness of her expression, and the unmistakable joy that radiates from her. You cant help the way the fashions change. You cannot predict whether what you wear will one day look classic or utterly ridiculous, but when brides ask for a look that is transcendent they are talking about the expression on Marias face. The joy is timeless. {Lindsey}