Throwback Wedding Trend

Throwback Wedding Trend. Mobile Image

Jul 31, 2014

mom and dad I have, as the desktop background on my work laptop, a picture of my parents wedding that I have been dying to share with all of you. I would have posted it on their actual anniversary, but I always get the date mixed up. Oops. So as a solution I thought it would be great to feature their photo as I start a new blog segment: Throwback Thursday Wedding Trends. Now, their wedding has lots of trends to choose from: the sleeves, the small wedding party, the backyard barbecue kind of vibe, but my favorite is the hat. Look at that hat! Charmingly floppy. Simple and sweet. Hats of course are not exclusive to weddings of the 1970s, but the wide-brimmed straw-like, floppy variety seem to be in the attics of a good deal of our mothers and aunts. Some of them white and ivory and some of them a pale pastel. The seventies were good for hats. Bianca Jagger anyone? Brides wore hats. Bridesmaids wore hats. Guests wore hats. The wider the brim, the better. Its almost laughable to look back at the photos now (some of them are just so big!), but this one, perhaps because I cannot be objective, is wonderful. And even objectively speaking, it is wonderful : )   Cheers! {Lindsey}