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Nov 04, 2015

You might not know it, but today is national candy day. Its an entire day devoted to the sweet, sugary, colorful side of life. Between you and me I think everyday is candy day, but I will still take this opportunity to discuss some of the ways that the sweet stuff can make your big day even sweeter.   541180a5-986b-9e16-b1db-7745abf428e2~rs_729 Photo Courtesy of the Knot   Lets Get Personal If you want to get creative with your candy it makes a great way to help personalize your wedding. You can get candy wrapped in your wedding colors to sprinkle on tables. You can spring for the personalized M&Ms with your faces on it, or for a more reasonable price you can buy bags of M&Ms in your wedding colors, too. If you have a signature candy, or if some part of your love story involves a candy you can incorporate that into your dessert table. If you are a famously fun, silly kind of couple you can also take advantage of the numerous candy puns at your disposal.   Add Local Color Candy also is a great way to give your out-of-town guests a taste of your town. For example, tons of brides along the Eastern shore must certainly take advantage of the salt-water taffy and have bowls full of it around their reception hall. If you cant think of signature candy from your town you can also visit local mom and pop stores and purchase handmade chocolates. The candy itself may not be specific to your area, but buying local is always fun and appreciated.   Do Me a Favor Im usually not big on favors, but making favors that are edible is certainly the best way to go. Heres all you have to do: you buy tiny little paper bags in one of your wedding colors, you get a thank you stamp to print on each bag, you set out jars of candy and invite guests to fill a bag before they go. Guests will love it because one, candy, and two its interactive. They get that candy shop experience that we can never get enough of no matter how old we are.   Pretty sweet.   {Lindsey}