The Ins and Outs of Sample Sales

The Ins and Outs of Sample Sales. Mobile Image

Mar 09, 2016

This weekend is our big sample sale here at Betsy Robinsons, and I thought it might be helpful to shed a little light on what exactly that means. First of all, a sample sale is not a running of the brides. No one is going to have to fight over dresses on a rack and no one needs a whistle or teammates to snag the perfect deal. In fact, this weekend will be very similar to any weekend here. Appointments are required and youll be assigned one of our lovely bridal consultants when you come in. Youll chat with your consultant and she will help you pull dresses that suit your style and your budget. During a sample sale we put more dresses on sale, so that there is a wider selection of sample gowns to choose from. A sample gown is a gown that you purchase off-the-rack, as-is. Its an opportunity for us to make room for new inventory, and its a chance for you to get a really good deal. Our samples are in great shape, and come in a range of sizes and even colors.   IMAG5948_1   Ive been watching as theyve marked down inventory, and I have to say, there are some steals here for sure. I find myself staring at some of the gowns and thinking, sure, I dont really need another wedding gown (married three years today, thank you) but what the heck, Im sure I can find some use for it.   Its also worth noting that sample sales are great places to find a second gown if you really want to make a show-stopping wardrobe change between the ceremony and the reception. Maybe you never thought of it as an option, but think about it now. You can come and find a very reasonably priced, stylish second dress and give your guests and your spouse a fun little surprise that theyll never see coming.   Either way, if its for a first dress, or a second dress or in my case, an Im-already-married-but-maybe case, its worth making an appointment for this weekend.   {Lindsey}