The Importance of Weddings

The Importance of Weddings. Mobile Image

Jun 03, 2015

For me to say that weddings are important is almost silly. I write a bridal blog for a top bridal salon. Yes, of course Im going to think that weddings are important. But it wasnt until this past weekend when I spent my day off, at where else but a wedding, that the importance really clicked.   When I was knee-deep in planning my own wedding I might not have said that I thought weddings were important, only that I thought my wedding was important. Thats a natural reaction. Obviously the occasion holds a little more weight for the happy couple actually tying the knot. The rest of us, outside the couple acknowledge the day as a rite of passage, as a reason to celebrate and as a happy day, but it doesnt change us. Unless we are very close to the couple, unless we are welcoming a new member to our family, our lives are pretty much the same the next day.   But as I stood on the dance floor this past weekend as a techno version of Sweet Caroline poured over the speakers and the entire floor full of aunts, uncles, parents and cousins sang each word aloud I realized that weddings are important because joy and celebration are important. When it comes down to it there are so few chances for people to gather their favorite people together and just be completely joyous that we must all take advantage of every opportunity there is.   Youve probably gone to a lot of weddings. Youve probably gone to a lot of weddings of coworkers or distant relatives where you didnt know the name of the bride let alone any of the guests. Youve probably been dragged to a wedding out of obligation, and youve probably sat on the sidelines and maybe only danced to Shout because you just have to do that. Yes, its easy to fall into that. Its easy to forget that no matter how close or distant you are to the happy couple that you have been invited not just to watch them wed, but to share in abundant and all-consuming joy. You, from the distant cousin to the casual acquaintance right on up to the mothers and fathers are important. Yes, you are important and your attendance makes weddings important. Piece of cake.   IMAG4465   {Lindsey}