Ten Things Your Wedding Guests Will Love Part 2

Ten Things Your Wedding Guests Will Love Part 2. Mobile Image

Sep 08, 2017

Weddings are happy occasions, and no matter your budget you can give your guests some real thrills and treats. Thats why Ive been focusing on ten small things that you can do that your guests will really appreciative. Happy guests dance more and party harder and help make your wedding even more wonderful. Sounds pretty good, right? Now for the last five things you can do.   A Good Cocktail Hour Scheduling a wedding is hard. Sometimes large gaps between the ceremony and reception are simply unavoidable. Between finding the right locations and having time for pictures guests can sometimes be left with extra time on their hands. Thats ok. But a way to make things better is to make sure you have a good cocktail hour complete with appetizers. Who can complain when theyre eating pan seared scallops and sipping a martini?   A Mix of Music You want everyone dancing at your wedding. Absolutely everyone. A way to accomplish that is to pick the right music. Think about the age range of your guests and make sure you include music that appeals to different groups. I find it handiest to include some classic hits from the 60s and the 90s and throw in a few current hits. That way youve got your parents and their friends saying remember this song? and youve got your friends saying remember this song? and youve got the teenagers saying finally, a song I know.     A Place to Lounge This sounds extravagant and like a possible logistical nightmare, but it doesn't have to be either. It's simply nice to have a place for guests to take a little breather from dancing and be able to chat with each other without shouting over the length of a banquet table.  Arrange a few loose chairs at the back of the hall around a coffee station and you've given your guests the perfect way to do what they love to do at weddings, catch up.   An After Party This is probably a little bit more for you than for them simply because you won't want the party to stop, but it's something everyone will still enjoy. For this I recommend booking a hotel with a bar. That way guests can come back, change, head to the bar and peel off to bed whenever they choose. Hotel bars make it convenient and keep the atmosphere low key. It's also a great way for those who truly want to keep partying to do so, and for the rest of us to relax and unwind with people we may not have seen in a while.   Sending Thank You Cards That is, sending thank you cards that are specific and personal and say more than "thanks!" Sometimes it's hard to know what else to say, but use your thank you cards as a great opportunity to reminisce. Start working on them within a week or two of your wedding and recall the great moments that you spent with each person at your wedding. You get the pleasure of remembering your happy day as you write, and they get the pleasure of feeling truly wanted. Win win.   {Lindsey}