Technology & Your Wedding

Technology & Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Mar 23, 2015

In case you havent noticed, technology is amazing. Its hard to imagine planning a wedding without Pinterest or passing along pertinent information to guests without using a website. Technology has revolutionized planning weddings. It has made it possible to customize everything imaginable and include friends and family from all over the country and globe in your big day. Over the weekend a friend introduced me to Appy Couple, and the more I look into the app the more I realize that technology is just getting started.   AppyCouple   If you are planning a wedding and havent checked out a wedding app such as Appy Couple then you definitely take a look. Essentially Appy Couple is a wedding website. Its fully customizable and features an app component that guests can download in their app store and access with a wedding code you provide them.   It provides guests with all the information of a wedding website with the convenience of an app. For the couple it makes updating and adding information quick and easy. You can mange the guest list, get helpful planning tips, and add lots of custom details.   But the real reason to use a wedding app is the sharing capability. Guests can open their camera in the app and automatically share the photos they take on the live stream feature. Its the tech savvy equivalent of a disposable camera on every table, and it allows all the action of the wedding to be captured by each guests individual perspective. Love it.   {Lindsey}