Take a Peek at the Exclusive Watters Capsule Collection

Take a Peek at the Exclusive Watters Capsule Collection. Mobile Image

Oct 26, 2017

Our Watters Trunk Show officially kicks off tomorrow, and as usual the salon is a-buzz with excitement. By now you all know how exciting Watters Trunk Show weekends are. After all, brides have the opportunity to shop the newest gowns straight from the New York Runway where they debuted just a few short weeks ago. That means these are gowns that arent in stores. Anywhere. These are gowns that aren't even online.   For a little icing on the cake Watters also debuted the second round of their Capsule Collection gowns. Capsule gowns are made from the finest materials and are only available at select retailers. Not only are they only available at select retailers, those retailers are the only ones who can order them. Ill give you one guess what retailer we are. Since these gowns are so exclusive it can be hard to find out very much information about them, so Im going to give you a little sneak peek of two of the gowns. Feast your eyes on these beauties.     These Capsule gowns embody the very best of Watters. They are a fine mix of tradition and trend, of classic and modern, and of small details and big drama. The exquisite bead-work, the delicate French silks the extraordinary fit and feel make them insurmountable in terms quality. The way they embrace and accentuate the female form and push forward what it means to be a modern bride is what makes them winners when it comes to style. These are the gowns of royalty. They are majestic, regal, refined and like any good royal, not afraid to be a little daring.   The best part about these gowns though is that they are here, waiting for you. Just not for long.   Call 410.484.4600 to make your appointment.   {Lindsey}