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Jan 26, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.37.20 PM Today our salon has reached and surpassed another social media milestone. I am proud to report that we now have over 2,500 followers on Facebook. On behalf of our whole staff I would like to thank those of you have visited our page, and I would also like to invite others to do the same. And I dont just extend this invitation to bolster our statistics. I invite you to follow us on our various social media platforms because I believe there is real value in it. In fact, it is something I wish I would have done as a bride and here are the reasons why.   You get to find out about Trunk Shows. This information is huge for brides searching for the perfect gown, especially ones who have had troubling finding it. Trunk shows offer the opportunity to see more gowns from a designer than we typically carry in store as well as what is new from designers. They also typically mean discounts or special incentives to purchase. Trunk shows happen quite frequently throughout the year here and at other salons, which is why it is always handy to get reminders and updates from us.   You get to see the stock. The inventory of bridal gowns in our store is constantly changing. So much so that we typically only list designers on our site as opposed to individual gowns. But social media is so quick and easy that we have the opportunity to showcase our stock a lot more. When new gowns come in we show them off immediately, making life a lot easier for brides who have searched long and hard to find the perfect dress. It might be on our Facebook page right now!   You get to know us. Our social media platforms allow a behind the scenes look at our salon. You get to hear what we are chatting about on Twitter. On Instagram you get to see what the weather is like outside the store or what fun sweet treat we are snacking on. On Facebook you get to see what other brides of ours have worn on their big day. You get to see the staff trying on new dresses or gathering together for a holiday event. In short, you get to do a little snooping, which is of course always fun.   So if you havent started following us, and you dont want to miss anything else, check out the links below! Facebook Instagram Twitter Heres to staying in the loop, {Lindsey}