Spotlight on Thomas Knoell Designs

Spotlight on Thomas Knoell Designs . Mobile Image

May 29, 2014

thomas2 Thomas Knoell of Thomas Knoell designs will be here this weekend, and to be totally honest if you havent thought about your wedding jewelry you should pay the man a visit. Hes dynamic and energetic, and he knows what hes talking about when it comes to creating the perfect wedding day look. He can customize anything and change anything to suit your taste. Rose gold? No problem. Silver? Gold? Antique finish? Bam.   thomas But the real reason to come see Thomas is because everything you wear on your big day should be special, and nothing should be an afterthought. You spent hours, weeks, maybe even months researching, shopping, agonizing over the right dress to wear, maybe a little too much agonizing, but the point is you really thought about the dress. The same should go for your jewelry. You are completing a look, and Thomas can help you do that. Whether you are looking for something very bridal, very chandelier earring-ish, or whether you want to be unique and different there are all sorts of options for you. See what's out there for you this weekend, May 30th - 31st. Call 410.484.4600 to make an appointment.