Spotlight on Thomas Knoell

Spotlight on Thomas Knoell. Mobile Image

Jan 07, 2016

Jewelry designer Thomas Knoell frequents our shop on a pretty regular basis to showcase his beautiful handmade designs, and next weekend (January 15th) is one of those occasions. He will be here in person with his latest jewelry designs, and I wanted to take a moment to tell you more about why you should stop in.   Im not one to spend a lot of money on jewelry. In all honesty most of my collection comes from Target. On clearance. But your wedding say is different. What you wear should be special and meaningful. That doesnt have to mean spending a ton of money, but is does mean choosing pieces that are handcrafted and made just for you. Thats what Thomas Knoell offers. He offers jewelry that is customized to your taste, your theme and made for you and your big day.   We always have Thomas pieces in our store, but whats nice about coming when Thomas is here is that he can help with custom changes and offer expert advice. Are you wearing your hair up or down? What does the neckline of your dress look like? Are you wearing a veil? Asking these questions will help him determine what pieces will work best for you. Necklaces dont work with every gown and some gowns call for a big earring while others are better suited to a little stud. Hell dish out his honest opinion backed up by years of experience, and hell make sure that you get exactly the look you want.   The customization possibilities are perhaps the biggest bonus of coming in to meet with Thomas. The options to make changes are always there, but meeting with the actual designer gives you a lot of power and freedom. You get to actually help design your jewelry. Think about that. When have you ever been able to do that? You might decide you want more pearls or less pearls. You might want to change the color of the crystal. You might want to add one more teardrop to your chandelier earrings. These are things that are possible and things that Thomas can help you do. Sounds like a pretty good reason to make an appointment to me.   Tom 1   {Lindsey}